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…still awake.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve become more and more convinced that I actually birthed a cyborg last February: a small being that somehow requires no sleep at all to function with an absurdly high level of energy.


You can imagine the look on my face at Annika’s six-month pediatrician check-up earlier this week when the PA asked whether she was sleeping eight-hour stretches. El oh el. It would be a banner night in this household if we got half of that in one shot. Two or three hours at a time is the regular.

And that is why I haven’t been blogging, or running, or really doing much of anything except still being mostly in survival mode. Yes, I know about sleep training. We actually had a meeting with a sleep consultant a while back who recommended some other things we should work on first before we head to Ferbersville, and we haven’t quite mastered those things yet. And honestly, I’m just not sure if I’m ready for the whole cry-it-out thing.

So we’re staying the course for now, keeping our heads just above water most days, and watching this crazy little person grow and learn and change at what feels like breakneck speed.


At six months, Annika is:

– Sitting up unassisted. She’s been doing that for a while now.

– Eating solid foods, mostly fruits and veggies. She’s shown at least a passing interest in most of the things we’ve offered her, but black beans were not well received.


– Moving/scooting/army-crawling? It’s not crawling but she manages to move herself around somehow while on her belly. She’s better at going backward than forward.

– Pulling up to stand on her own. She did this the day before she turned six months. It’s like she takes our lack of baby-proofing so far as a personal challenge. (Urgh, getting on that.)

– Saying “MAMAMAMAMAMA” (not to me, just in general) and making this weird yowling noise at Parker when he meows.

– Laughing, especially when her tummy is kissed.

– Grabbing and getting in to everything that she can get her hands on.

She really is an incredibly determined, strong baby. Some days I just watch in awe at what she can do, particularly when she sets her mind to something.

And then I look to make sure she isn’t plugging herself in somewhere to charge. Because I’m exhausted just watching her.

Speaking of exhausted, I’m not running much: once or twice a week, maybe. It just isn’t a priority right now. I keep hoping that will change soon when Annika starts sleeping more, but at the rate we are going that’s going to be when she enters kindergarten, so I’ve just resigned myself to being a little doughy.

It’s kind of funny how focused I was, in retrospect, with running and exercising regularly when I was pregnant. I thought it would make getting back into shape after baby so much easier. And now I’m all like, meh, being in shape is overrated. To be honest, being a parent has kicked my ass a little more than I expected it to. I do hope to start some short runs with the BOB in the next month or two, now that Annika’s over the six month mark.

So there’s my update. Until next time, when maybe I can write a post entitled “finally asleep.”


Well, it’s been a month. And it’s been a month, if you get me.

In a couple of days, Annika turns four months old and I daresay month three-to-four has been even rougher than the notoriously rough newborn days. Okay, maybe I’m just blocking out those first weeks, but seriously. My darling little baby who poops rainbows and farts daisies is perfect in every way except for the fact that she will not, as Samuel L. Jackson rasps, go the fuck to sleep.


But otherwise perfect!

I think it’s a combination of (1) her being a crappy sleeper to begin with; (2) having to cold turkey the swaddle after she started rolling over on to her belly a couple of weeks ago; and (3) the dreaded four-month sleep regression. Perfect storm of shitty-sleep conditions, right there. All we need to do is throw in some teeth! (Oh hell, I hope not. Not any time soon. She can stay gummy until she goes to college.)

Running has taken a back seat while we ride this out. It’s funny – I think I was running more at 6 weeks postpartum than I am at 4 months. After fighting the good fight all day on nap patrol, I don’t have the energy to go run before checking in for the night shift. Like everything else infant-related, I know that this too shall pass, but at the moment I am just exhausted.

I did nearly DNS a 5K last Saturday morning, after being up all night with she-who-must-not-be-named. But then, after I’d texted my running buddy to tell her I was bailing, the preshus awoke again so I made the wise decision to pass her off to my husband and go run since I was going to be up either way. I finished in 26 minutes, which used to be my easy run pace, but that’s neither here nor there because if it hadn’t been for that race, I certainly wouldn’t have run that day. Or really, that entire week.

Fortunately, sleep issues aside, Annika is happy and healthy and it’s amazing to watch her change and grow each day.

And now it’s 9PM. The baby monitor has been all green lights for at least 15 minutes. You know what that means? Time for me to go the fuck to sleep.

Technical difficulties and assorted miscellany

Well hello.

I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks but wordpress has been mysteriously blocking me from typing its little composition box. I still don’t know what the issue was but this morning I finally sat down and scoured google and found some forum post from like six years ago that suggested turning off the visual editor (whatever that is) and now it seems we’re back in business.

Watch, now that it’s fixed it will retro-post the dozen or so drafts I’ve made in the meantime, all of which are some variation on:

title: “test4”
body text: “testing testing tessssssting WTF WORDPRESS YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE DLKJSDGKGKJFHSJKHFSKLDJFLSHJKGHFJKS oh fuck you i give up”

So, I apologize if your Feedlies get spammed with that.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Running: I ran my first postpartum race a couple of weeks ago! It was a very laid back Cinco de Mayo-themed 5k. So laid back that most of the participants were drinking at the bar beforehand. That seemed like a great idea until I remembered that I now have the bladder control of an excitable puppy, so I held off on the beer until after the race. Finish time – 24:45. I had hoped to hold 8-minute pace so I’m happy with that. With the exception of some huffing and puffing up a big hill at the very end, I felt pretty decent. I have no idea how long it will take me to get in back in racing shape but at least now I have something to chip away at.

Hairs: I hate the term “mommy chop” but I guess that’s what I’ve gone and done, isn’t it.


Shoulder-length layers that can be worn wavy. My hair was super long before, which was great from a maintenance perspective (no styling required!) but far too accessible to tiny grabby hands. I told the stylist I needed something that was short enough to prevent constant baby access but wouldn’t need a blow dryer, and this is where we ended up. I like it well enough for now.

Baby: Annika will be three months old tomorrow!


Everyone always asks whether she’s an easy baby. I don’t know how to answer because I’ve never had a baby before, but if I had to guess I would say she’s a medium baby? She’s not colicky or high-needs, but she’s not one of those super-sleeping, happy-cooing, only-cries-when-hungry babies either. In some ways she is super easy (she eats well, rarely spits up, has never had a diaper rash or really any health issue of any kind, will happily play independently in her activity gym) but we also have our challenges (her staunch refusal to sleep unless she has full frontal body contact with another human being, her unwavering hatred of the stroller and car seat).

But she is dang cute, that’s for sure. Her sneaky little smile is the sweetest thing ever. And this week she laughed for the first time, which just about killed me and almost made me forget about the epic three-hour bedtime battle the night before. (Almost.)

Babies, man. They’re tough little boogers. Which is why we need…

Beer: I got the best package ever from Marie.


When I saw the box on the porch, naturally I assumed it was a baby gift but then when I picked it up it was so heavy. So delightfully heavy.

I am working my way through these carefully because my tolerance ain’t what it once was and the last time I had Arctic Panzer Wolf I nearly ended up in the lake in the Cheaper Than Therapy backyard. I’m saving that one for a special occasion.

Or maybe for the next epic three-hour bedtime battle.