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My conjunction of distinction

If I’ve done this correctly, you probably won’t even notice a difference on this page.  *crosses fingers and waits*  Yes?  No?

*points up to the address bar*

I’m going to go grab a beer while you update your readers or bookmarks or whatever you use.  BRB.

Done?  Ok.

So.  For the last few months, I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to rename this blog.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but when I started out blogging a couple of years ago, I had no idea that the “EAT, Y, Z” format was so popular, and I thought my own little triad of “eat, drink, run” was pretty darn clever.

“OMG I’M SO YOUNEEK!” I congratulated myself.  Aaaaand then I started reading other blogs.

For a while I didn’t care.  But then it started to bug me a little.  I didn’t want people to think I was ripping off a dumb romantic comedy, or a certain “big” blogger (ahem).

So I hemmed and hawed.  I tried to think of something else, something that would be cute and clever and unique and – most crucially – not already registered.

I came up with nothing.

Meanwhile, the hype around that particular movie died down, and that certain other blogger has pretty much stopped writing about running, so I started to say to myself: why should *I* be the one to back down?

Those three activities, put together, are a perfect representation of me – and, perhaps more importantly, of this blog.  Those are the things that I like to write about.  Those are the things that I’m good at writing about.  Those are the things that I enjoy.

And I hope you do too, because obviously, I decided to keep them!  But I’ve added one little word:


It’s just a conjunction, but I’d like to think it adds a little something.

(Or, um…some doucher is sitting on the sans-conjunction version of that domain.  Such is life.)

As far as the self-hosting thing?  Fear not: I’m not going to turn this in to a one-stop-shop for affiliate ad networks or bedazzle EAT DRINK AND RUN! on a sandwich board and wear it in my next race.   I’ve just always been a little miffed at for putting ads on my page.  Because if I’m not going to make money off of this thing, no one is.

In other news, once I recover from the overload of web-programming minutiae I’ve suffered through this afternoon, I’m also planning on actually doing something with those pages at the top.  I know they suck.  And I really suck at things like making categories and tagging and all that crap. Probably because I spend way too much time drawing MSPAINT animals.

So I’m going to attempt to clean all of that up.  Because I feel like I actually have a lot of neat stuff on here (recipes, beer and wine reviews, etc) but in its currentl state, it’s impossible for me for find most of it – let alone you!

Sorry for the interruption in your regularly scheduled programming.  Please let me know if you notice anything that’s not working like it should – and while you’re at it, if there’s anything you want to see more of or less of around here, I’m always open to feedback and suggestions, even if it’s negative!

See ya tomorrow with a recipe or something.  And some wine.  It’s been far too long since we talked about wine.