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Big miles

Well. October got it done.

Running is always an individual thing, I know. I’m sure for some people, 232 miles in a month is peanuts, but for me, it’s a lot!

I think having a December marathon on the agenda lit a little fire under my ass last month. No more impromptu lazy days. No more skipping workouts in favor of pajama pants and TV. No more drinking one too many beers and feeling like crap the next day and using that as an excuse to lay around and eat potato chips. (Oh, the sacrifices.)

Anyway. For all I know, Kara Goucher’s toddler is running circles around me, mileage-wise, but I feel pretty good about last month. It was a solid month.

351 miles to go until 2011 in 2011!

Tonight’s dinner was completely fashioned out of things already laying around in my refrigerator and it happened to be delicious:

Baked double-dipped chicken fingers. Dipped in buttermilk and rolled in crushed Ritz crackers and shredded Parm. Twice.

The result was a delightfully thick breading that readily soaked up the honey mustard sauce I whisked together for dipping. I realize that this chicken is basically a low-rent version of Shake ‘n Bake, but that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s just food.

I selected a brew from my home state to go with dinner:

This Gale Force IPA, from Scuttlebutt Brewing Company in Everett, WAwas ever so slightly…soapy. And, um…soapy is generally not a quality that I look for in a beer.

Seriously though…I thought I was going crazy until I looked the thing up online and saw that I wasn’t the only one who got a little hint of Irish Spring in this bottle. It didn’t ruin the beer entirely for me, as there were some other more pleasant sensations rolling around in there too: good carbonation, a little tart granny smith apple, just a hint of pine… and OH HEY a really cool label featuring a tarty mermaid….

But overall I have to give this one a pass. Whether or not I need to wash my mouth out with soap is a legitimate point of debate, but I don’t need my beer to do it for me.

Bottom line: Skip it. (Purchased at Total Wine, $1.75/12 oz)

Well, it’s past my bedtime, so I’m out. At least Scuttlebutt took care of mouth cleansing for me tonight; I don’t even need to brush my teeth!

Good night!

Red dirt road

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Monday afternoon.

The bridle path was ruddy, muddy and blissfully empty when I set out to do my long run yesterday.  No clusters of mountain bikes perched at the crests of hills.  No highway of runners down each side of the road.  No jockeying for a parking spot, only to be forced to retreat into the surrounding neighborhoods, where the cranky McMansioners leave snitty notes on your car.

Just me, the birds and critters rustling in the trees, and that ubiquitous brick-colored mud.

(Oh, and Joey – nice to see a familiar face among the handful of runners in the park!)

Any remaining surliness about my pathetic mileage last week disappeared as soon as I headed in to the woods.  I need to start doing my long runs on Mondays more often.

And a bonus?  There’s no shame in going to bed early on a Monday night, when you’re zonked from pushing hard on those muddy hills.

Today’s EAT: Sunday’s simmering pot of suspected deliciousness turned out to be delicious indeed.

Chicken Tagine with couscous!  I don’t have one of those neato pointy cooking vessels of the same name, but this cooked up just fine in a deep skillet.

Tagine (which means “stew” in Arabic) is a common North African dish.  It’s easy, inexpensive, and ridiculously flavorful.  The leftovers reheat beautifully.  I don’t know why I hadn’t made it before.

Recipe: Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Almonds (via Epicurious).  (I listed my modifications on the recipe page; the biggest one was using hacked up boneless skinless chicken breasts and thighs instead of a hacked up whole chicken.  You know, being healthy and all.)

Today’s DRINK: A light and crisp French Chard:

I really enjoyed this Cave de Lugny Macon-Villages Chardonnay.  It was quite dry with bright and crisp apple flavors.  Definitely a switch from the buttery Chards that I often favor, but it happened to pair nicely with the sultry spices in the Tagine.  At $9, I’d definitely buy it again.  It would be an excellent white to serve at a cocktail party!

Today’s RUN: Just for the hill of it….

My pace was kind of all over the place, but overall not too shabby at 8:19/mile.

It’s pretty easy to spot that pair of sub-8s on the elevation graph.  Can I just reiterate how excited I am to run on a FLAT course for my upcoming half?  These hills are good training and all – I’m sure they build character and blah blah blah – but I’m excited to run a little faster (I hope) in a couple of weeks!

Today’s QUESTION: It’s Fat Tuesday!  Are you celebrating? No beads, bare boobies or King Cake for me this year, but I do have a drinks-and-dessert date planned for tonight.  So, we’ll be celebrating the Fat part, anyway.