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5K short

Last night, I got home work and entered my run from earlier that day into my log. The page reloaded, updating to add the miles to January’s total, and it came up with this:

I groaned. So close. I was briefly tempted to head down to the treadmill and bang out 3.1 miles to make it an even 200.

But then I was even more tempted by the beer I’d bought on my way home. Because really…it’s just a number. It’s not like 200 monthly miles is any sort of real milestone for me. I was 200+ all through the fall last year. It just sucks to be so close.

In spite of the missing 5K, though, January was a decent month. I’m feeling good and looking forward to cranking it up a bit more in February, starting with the mile repeats I’m going to do this morning just as soon as my bagel digests.

(As a side note: so far, I’m really liking RunningAHEAD! Thanks to everyone who recommended it. Look at this pretty chart:

It color codes my workouts for me! I would never have the energy to make something like this on my own, but it’s kind of fun to have.)

Anyway. About that beer…

My fridge is packed with stouts, porters, and barleywine-style bottles right now, but all I wanted last night was something fresh and hoppy, served ice cold. So I picked up a six-pack of limited-release Saranac White IPA.

As suspected, this beer is a IPA-wheat hybrid, brewed with Citra hops and wheat malt. It poured a little cloudy with a big fluffy head.  Lots of orange and spices, with some mellow hops in the background. More wheat beer than IPA, really – but it hit the spot nonetheless. 6% ABV.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for something a little summery in the dead of winter, this is your beer. (Purchased at Peace Street Market, $9/six)

About those mile repeats. I must get going before the coffee pot lures me in for another refill. Happy Wednesday!

Big miles

Well. October got it done.

Running is always an individual thing, I know. I’m sure for some people, 232 miles in a month is peanuts, but for me, it’s a lot!

I think having a December marathon on the agenda lit a little fire under my ass last month. No more impromptu lazy days. No more skipping workouts in favor of pajama pants and TV. No more drinking one too many beers and feeling like crap the next day and using that as an excuse to lay around and eat potato chips. (Oh, the sacrifices.)

Anyway. For all I know, Kara Goucher’s toddler is running circles around me, mileage-wise, but I feel pretty good about last month. It was a solid month.

351 miles to go until 2011 in 2011!

Tonight’s dinner was completely fashioned out of things already laying around in my refrigerator and it happened to be delicious:

Baked double-dipped chicken fingers. Dipped in buttermilk and rolled in crushed Ritz crackers and shredded Parm. Twice.

The result was a delightfully thick breading that readily soaked up the honey mustard sauce I whisked together for dipping. I realize that this chicken is basically a low-rent version of Shake ‘n Bake, but that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s just food.

I selected a brew from my home state to go with dinner:

This Gale Force IPA, from Scuttlebutt Brewing Company in Everett, WAwas ever so slightly…soapy. And, um…soapy is generally not a quality that I look for in a beer.

Seriously though…I thought I was going crazy until I looked the thing up online and saw that I wasn’t the only one who got a little hint of Irish Spring in this bottle. It didn’t ruin the beer entirely for me, as there were some other more pleasant sensations rolling around in there too: good carbonation, a little tart granny smith apple, just a hint of pine… and OH HEY a really cool label featuring a tarty mermaid….

But overall I have to give this one a pass. Whether or not I need to wash my mouth out with soap is a legitimate point of debate, but I don’t need my beer to do it for me.

Bottom line: Skip it. (Purchased at Total Wine, $1.75/12 oz)

Well, it’s past my bedtime, so I’m out. At least Scuttlebutt took care of mouth cleansing for me tonight; I don’t even need to brush my teeth!

Good night!

Ending the “season” with a bang

And that bang?  That was my confidence being shot.  Point blank.

I realize I’ve been lazy about updating my little Upcoming Races thingy.   Well, it’s updated.  —->

Unfortunately I’ve also been lazy about doing any sort of meaningful speed-work since the Shamrock Half back in March.  Which will make things interesting for the two races I have on tap for this month.

First up?  A hilly 10K this Saturday at the Capital City Classic.

I’ll be honest: I’m pretty terrified.  10K is probably my least favorite distance, and I don’t feel properly trained to take this one on, especially with its challenging course.

On the plus side: my post-college 10K PR is low-hanging fruit at 47:55.  (This is indicative of how much I suck at 10Ks, or how infrequently I attempt them, or both.)  Assuming I don’t totally blow up on Saturday, I should be able to smash that.  (I came through 6.2 at 46-something at my last half.  Sub-45 would be peachy, but I’m not sure it’s realistic on those hills.)

Also on the plus side: free mimosas at the finish, which is only a few blocks from my apartment.  Good for celebrating – or for drowning one’s sorrows.  Either way, it’s a plus.

But it’s still a wretched distance to race and I know it’s going to hurt.  Ugh.

Hopefully I’m not still reeling by the time I hop a plane to NYC a couple of weeks later for the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

I signed up for this race a long time ago and now I’m like…uh, shit.  I hope I don’t totally embarrass myself in front of a bunch of much faster friends.

I can’t believe I haven’t been back to New York since we pulled away in the moving truck last August.  I’ve been trying to make this trip happen for a while, so I’m excited to finally get back!

As for the race…um, I have no idea.  I’d like to think I can at least get under 1:40, which would be non-embarrassing.  It would be awesome to slip under 1:38, which I missed by one second at Shamrock, but seeing as my pace-work has been non-existent since then, I have no idea what that kind of effort will feel like, or whether I’ve truly lost any of that fitness by chugging along at a maintenance effort for the last two months.  We’ll see, I guess.

Regardless, it will be a kick-ass weekend of catching up with old friends and teammates.  13.1 miles of pain can’t rain on that!

So that’s what I’ve been shaking in my sneakers about over the last few weeks.  I had hoped I’d end the spring racing “season” feeling fitter and more confident then I did in January, but I’m not sure that I do.  Meh.

Following these two races, I’m thinking I’ll take a little time off, then spend the summer playing around at these weekly track meets, seeing as longer races are pretty much out of the picture around here until autumn.

1500s and 800s sound pretty appealing right now.  Just gotta get through this last stretch of longer stuff first….

Today’s EAT: Cooking dinner for myself tonight was a big fat hell-to-the-no.  I finished my workout and realized that the few food items loitering in the fridge were past their prime – and that the hubs had taken our shared vehicle for the evening.

I could order pizza, or I could take myself out to dinner.  I opted for the latter.

A salad and a beer, consumed from my semi-regular post at the bar down the block.  I actually intended to get this salad with chicken.  But when I was ordering, I got distracted by my efforts to convey no-blue-cheese-please (seriously, if I wanted mold on my dinner I would have just eaten the shit in my fridge) and forgot to ask for it.  But it was actually just fine without.  The pistachios and shredded cheddar (moldy cheese alternative) provided plenty of substance.

Today’s DRINK: I had a pint of Fullsteam Rocket Science IPA with my salad:

(It’s the tap in the middle.  Wow, that’s a crappy picture.  Sorry.)

Anyway, this IPA was pretty solid.  Very earthy, with a little bit of citrus and a flavor that was almost like fresh-cut grass.  Bitter, but delicious.

Today’s RUN: After taking the day off yesterday on account of my geriatric back pain, I tested the water this morning with an easy 4-miler.

And it felt fine.  Still a little sore, off and on today, but better than yesterday.

So I decided to squeeze in a few more miles in the evening in the form of a semi-speed workout.  You know, to try to get ready for that dratted 10K on Saturday.  Better late than never, right?

It was still in the mid-80s as the sun set, so I hit the treadmill and, after a quick half-mile warm-up, banged out three mile repeats at (wishful thinking) 10K pace: 6:57, 6:56, 6:49.   I guess if I ran a flat 10K in an air-conditioned gym….

On Saturday, I’ll be aiming for a slightly more conservative pace.  More like 7:10-7:15.  But it was a nice little confidence boost to be able to get through those three sub-7 intervals without feeling like I was going to die.

Total for the day: 8.1  Tomorrow: it’s supposed to be 60 and rainy.  Praise the weather gods – I will be splashing joyfully through the puddles in my (brand new, lily white) running shoes!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s on your race calendar?  Is the season gearing up or winding down in your neck of the woods?

Parking lot lessons

Here’s something I learned today.  Platform rubber flip-flops are a bad idea.  And not just from a fashion perspective.

Because those things are dangerous when wet.  It was pouring today and I totally made out with the pavement upon exiting Whole Foods.  Fortunately, no overpriced grocery items were harmed.  My ass is another story.  There’s gonna be a bruise there.  Good thing I’ve got some padding.


I share this little anecdote to distract you from the fact that I haven’t posted in a few days.  Life has been rather unexciting.  Let’s see….

Thursday, I left Telluride for a full day’s journey back to NC.  I had a long layover at O’Hare, during which I proceeded to drink cheap Chardonnay by myself at a Chili’s.  And tweet about it.  Kind of entertaining.  Then my flight was delayed so I went to another bar and drank beer.  I didn’t get home until the wee hours of Friday morning.  The whole thing was exhausting.

Friday, I woke up bright and early, pretended not to be hung over, and penned a long list of productive tasks for the day.  Then I immediately retired to the couch and spent the remainder of the day playing Fruit Ninja on my phone.  I did manage to get a slow 8-mile run in.  Also, exhausting.

Saturday, I spent the day working hard at my latest income supplementation scheme.  (Hey-o!)  This, too, was completely and totally exhausting.

Which brings us to today.  Given the exhausting nature of the last few days, and the fact that it was raining buckets (and thundering and lightning-ing) today, I don’t know how I could have been expected to do my long run.

So, I didn’t.

And I feel kind of bad about that.

But not really.

After all, I’m still in vacation recovery mode.  And it’s supposed to be clear as a stripper’s heel tomorrow, so I’ll get my last 11-12 miler before Shamrock done then.

And that’s what you’ve missed in my life.

Today’s EAT: Tonight’s dinner is simmering at the moment and it smells excellent.  But since I’m blogging early, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to share it.  (Assuming it tastes as good as it smells.)

Instead, I’ll share a little something that I’ve been meaning to post about for a couple of weeks:

My latest cereal obsession. They’re exactly like crunchberries.  I swear.

They even turn the milk a little bit pink.  If Kashi comes up with a cocoa-flavored version of this, I’m buying stock.

Today’s DRINK: This week’s Sunday afternoon sipping beer is Dogfish Head’s Aprihop IPA.

This is a fruity little glass of fun.  It’s still got a bit of that IPA bitterness to give is some backbone, but the apricot really comes through and makes for a sweet experience.  At 7% ABV, it’s no girly beer, but I could definitely see someone liking this even if they’re not a big beer fan.  It’s like a cross between a Lambic and a real beer.  Delicious.

Today’s RUN: A mere three miles.  I sneaked out during a break in the storm and got back in before it started again.  It was completely forgettable, but better than nothing.

Look back on the week:

M – 3.4 easy (treadmill, Telluride, 30:00, 8:52 pace)
Tu – OFF (ski)
W – OFF (ski)
Th – 4 easy (treadmill, Telluride, 33:49, 8:27 pace)
F – 8.1 easy (1:10:10, 8:39 pace)
Sa – 3 easy w/hubs (~29:00, ~9:40 pace)
Su – 3 miles easy (25:45, 8:36 pace)

21.5 total.  Yeah….that’s way too low.

Today’s QUESTION: Have you ever fallen on your ass in a public place? Sadly, this wasn’t my first time….