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I’m spent

…and I’m walking a little bowlegged right now. It’s been a long weekend.

Um. I’m talking about running. Specifically, about the nasty splotches of raw skin splashed across each of my inner thighs. Chafing in January: apparently it’s possible. Thank you, global warming.

Saturday morning, I ran a local 5K race – the Run For Young 5K. The start was literally half a mile from my apartment. How could I not? Even after a month of zero speedwork and a couple of strongish beers the night before?

I’ll spare you a detailed recap on this one because it was pretty uneventful. First mile was in the 6:30s, second and third were in the 6:50s. Overall time: 21 minutes and change. (Gun time 21:14; 21:09 on the watch.) Sixth woman overall and first in my age group. (It was a small race.)

If I had a dollar for every 21-something 5K I’ve run in the last couple of years, I could definitely afford a stick of Body Glide for these ever-rubbing thighs!

Anyway, it was a gorgeous morning, and time-wise I finished about where I expected to finish, so I left happy enough. A little strangely, I felt like I could have kept going at that just-sub-7 pace, but I couldn’t manage to go any faster. Usually I can whip out a pretty decent kick at the end of a short race, but not this time. Weird.

Post race and cool down, I hurried to work for a long day of retail fun. By closing time, my legs were toast. (One nice thing about working in a running store? Wearing compression sleeves to work isn’t taboo. It’s marketing.)

Sunday: rinse and repeat, except replace the race with a 14-mile long run. (That would be the one that chewed up my thighs like they were pieces of Bubble Yum. Delicious!)

Putting a long run and a race (or vice versa) on back-to-back days can be a little rough, but I’m going to do it intentionally every now and then during this marathon training cycle. (Assuming I stay injury-free, of course.) Running long and/or hard on tired legs is…well, hard. And that’s good practice for race day.

Week one of training is in the books…

…and after another long day on my feet today, I’m not budging from the couch tonight. Budging hurts. Pajama pants + thigh chafing = ouch.

Thanks so much for all of your comments about our upcoming move to Atlanta! Hope everyone had a good weekend.