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5K short

Last night, I got home work and entered my run from earlier that day into my log. The page reloaded, updating to add the miles to January’s total, and it came up with this:

I groaned. So close. I was briefly tempted to head down to the treadmill and bang out 3.1 miles to make it an even 200.

But then I was even more tempted by the beer I’d bought on my way home. Because really…it’s just a number. It’s not like 200 monthly miles is any sort of real milestone for me. I was 200+ all through the fall last year. It just sucks to be so close.

In spite of the missing 5K, though, January was a decent month. I’m feeling good and looking forward to cranking it up a bit more in February, starting with the mile repeats I’m going to do this morning just as soon as my bagel digests.

(As a side note: so far, I’m really liking RunningAHEAD! Thanks to everyone who recommended it. Look at this pretty chart:

It color codes my workouts for me! I would never have the energy to make something like this on my own, but it’s kind of fun to have.)

Anyway. About that beer…

My fridge is packed with stouts, porters, and barleywine-style bottles right now, but all I wanted last night was something fresh and hoppy, served ice cold. So I picked up a six-pack of limited-release Saranac White IPA.

As suspected, this beer is a IPA-wheat hybrid, brewed with Citra hops and wheat malt. It poured a little cloudy with a big fluffy head.  Lots of orange and spices, with some mellow hops in the background. More wheat beer than IPA, really – but it hit the spot nonetheless. 6% ABV.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for something a little summery in the dead of winter, this is your beer. (Purchased at Peace Street Market, $9/six)

About those mile repeats. I must get going before the coffee pot lures me in for another refill. Happy Wednesday!

Woodchips are for beavers

I know a lot of runners who swear by the soft stuff. My old coach in NYC, for instance, credited the forgiving surface of the bridle path in Central Park almost exclusively for his many decades of injury-free competitive running.

Me? I swear at it. Especially my calves. They were dropping f-bombs all over the place today.

Last night’s workout was long repeats, back and forth, on a woodchip trail. The same trail where we did 3 X 1000 a few weeks ago, in fact. This time, we did 3 X 2000.  5K pace.

Since the trail is 1000 meters long, this consisted of running down, doing a hairpin turn, and running back.  Oof. I consistently felt pretty swell on the outbound leg and then suddenly had trouble picking my feet up after the turnaround.

I can’t say I’m displeased with this workout; that’s pretty honest 5K pace, and it was a good hard effort that definitely pooped me out. (I slept for 10 hours last night!) But I’ve been doing my workouts faster lately (closer to 6:15 pace) so somehow it seemed a little disappointing.

There’s also that soft, squishy ground.  That stuff will slow you down for sure.

(Okay…I just wanted an excuse to tag this post with MSPAINT BEAVER and see if any weirdos show up in the search results.  HEY PERVS, GO READ SOME KURT VONNEGUT!)

I wrapped up the workout feeling a little iffy about Saturday’s 5K. I hope 5K pace feels easier this weekend than it did yesterday! On one hand, the race will be on the nice, hard, joint-crushing pavement; but on the other hand, unlike yesterday’s course, there will be some hills.  Maybe it’ll be a wash.

But one thing is clear: I have gotta get this junk out of my legs before Saturday! I’ve been Stick-ing my calves like a fiend and sporting compression sleeves all day. I do believe that soft-surface running is easier on one’s body long run, but when you’re used to pounding pavement, it can really do a number on you.

Anyway. I’ve been helping coach a beginners’ running group on Wednesday nights for the last few weeks, so I went straight from my workout to meet up with them and logged three more miles. Then, three more, as part of a search mission when the other coaches and I realized that a group of runners hadn’t returned. (They were fine, just took the scenic route….)

That made for a rather long six-mile cool down and a twelve mile day.  Whew.

Carb replenishment:

I suppose I’m a little late on this one. Apparently this Namaste wheat beer is a summer seasonal from Dogfish Head, although I had never seen it until this week!

Oh well.  It’s still in the upper 70s here; summer hasn’t quite left North Carolina yet. And this beer was a refreshing treat.

One part classic Belgian Witbear and one part herbal tea, this beer poured a light, bright yellow and had lots of flavors going on.  The label notes coriander, orange, and lemongrass, but there was also something pleasantly grassy and tart-sweet, like a granny smith apple. Definitely a little more interesting than a run-of-the-mill summer wheat beer. I wish I’d found this one earlier in the season! 5% ABV.

Bottom line: Get it…this fun beer is complex enough to enjoy any time of the year. Also: there is a skeleton dog creating a force field (?) on the label. That is pretty awesome. (Purchased at Whole Foods, $8/22 oz)

Off to manhandle my knotty calves with my Stick one more time before bed. Good night!